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Wholesome meal comes in a box – Deccan Herald

Often strapped for time, families have no time to rustle up a meal. Food cravings, however, stay and rightfully so. Now you can give cooking a pass as there is Oota Box at hand to cater to your cravings. “Wholesome meal comes in a box – Deccan Herald”

Oota Box is a home-cooked food delivery service established in 2016 that gets readymade food delivered at your doorstep. What makes them different is that the food aggregator partners with homemakers in Bangalore. Homemakers who love to cook and serve hot, healthy and fresh food, prepare it in their houses and deliver them to nearby customers in a neatly-packed meal box.

The food pooling happens among a network of 1k+ homes, office food delivery, well-documented kitchens and a community of talented chefs. Oota Box offers North Indian, South Indian, Jain and regional cuisines to their customers. All the three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided to customers on a regular or through a subscription model. Customers can order food by choosing dishes from a chef-crafted menu or create a request for something specific.

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