Home Food
for Businesses

Home Food
for Businesses

Discover a diverse range of healthy home food

Home Food for Businesses
Elevating Office Meals
Explore the Variety
Customize Your Order
Seamless Delivery Experience
Diverse Flavors
Customizable Menu
Hygienic & Nutritious

Discover the Taste of Home,
With All the Benefits

Discover the Taste of Home, With All the Benefits

Crafted with love by local home chefs

Explore how home-cooked food can transform your office meals.

1.  Customizable Solutions
Whether it's for daily meals, events, or corporate catering, our chefs offer solutions tailored to your business's needs.
2.  Healthier Choices
Enjoy meals with fewer additives, greater nutritional control, and fresh, whole foods.
3.  Authenticity‚Äč

Taste traditional recipes and unique cooking styles from our diverse network of home chefs.

4.  Variety
Experience new cuisines and dishes, catering to all dietary preferences and restrictions.
5.  Quality
Savor superior taste and quality from meals crafted with love and attention to detail.
6.  Sustainability
Choose a sustainable option with less food waste, reduced packaging, and a smaller carbon footprint.
7.   Support Local
By choosing Oota Box, you're directly supporting local home food businesses, fostering growth and innovation in your community.
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How it Works

How it Works

Perfect home-cooked meals are just a request away
Submit Your Preferences

Fill in our simple form with your company's meal preferences and needs.

Receive Custom Options

Our network of home food business owners will prepare customized meal options based on your submitted preferences.

Order, Payment and Delivery

Choose your preferred options and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals delivered right to your office.

How companies use Oota Box

How companies use Oota Box

At Oota Box, we’ve partnered with home food businesses across a variety of sectors to deliver delicious, home-cooked meals right to your doorsteps. Here are a few ways businesses use our services:
Daily Office Meals

Simplify your daily meal planning with our regular delivery service, offering a range of cuisines to keep things exciting.

Events and Celebrations

Make your company events and celebrations memorable with a selection of authentic homemade dishes.

Corporate Catering

Impress your clients and colleagues with unique, high-quality meals at corporate gatherings and meetings.

Create a Request

Ready to experience the joy of home food in your office?

E.g: A lunch subscription package for a group of 5 or a party order.

Navigate the World of Home Cooked Food. Join us in the Endless Pursuit of Great Home-Cooked Food.

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