Become a Home Chef

Become a Home Chef

Share your culinary skills and build your food business

Easy Online Transition
Create Your Profile
List Your Dishes
Set Your Schedule
Start Selling
Online Presence
Marketing Support
Streamlined Operations
Supportive Community
Setting up a home food business online seems complicated
Create your online presence, hassle-free
With Oota Box, setting up your home food business online is as easy as pie. Our user-friendly platform helps you to create your own listing page, complete with all the features of a professional food business website.
I don't know how to market my home food business
Leverage our marketing power
Creating a listing on Oota Box grants you access to our established online presence. Benefit from our ongoing SEO, ads, and marketing activities targeted to drive traffic to your region, city, or area.
I'm unsure about managing a home food business
Access expert resources, get ahead

Oota Box equips you with over 200+ resources created for home food business owners. From getting started to managing growth, learn from experts and join a community of successful home food entrepreneurs.

Does this Sound Like ​You?

Does this Sound Like ​You?

Here's how we'll change that together

Explore how home-cooked food can transform your office meals.

Put your cooking skills to good use and earn from the comfort of your home by getting on board with us.

5 Years and Counting

Oota Box is building a network of home chefs who would love to cook at home. Put your cooking skills to good use and earn from the comfort of your home by listing your kitchen on our platform and get discovered by customers around you.

You can use the platform to list your menu, pricing and other details. Customers will get in touch with you to place an order and either pick up the food or opt in for the delivery service, if you provide one.

5 Years and Counting

Welcome to Oota Box, the Home Cooked Food network of 8k+ homes, well-documented kitchens, and a community of talented chefs & bingers. We have partnered with home-makers in 70+ locations who love to cook & serve, and the food is prepared in their very own houses, with all the effort put in to make the food fresh, hot, healthy & hygienic, in a neatly packed meal box. Our customers can use the platform to find a chef around them, connect with them to place an order, and have the food either picked up or opt-in for the delivery service if the chef provides one.

Join a Trusted Network

Join our community of home chefs and share your culinary skills with food lovers in your community. Our platform is trusted by thousands of customers who are looking for delicious, homemade meals prepared by talented and passionate chefs like you. We have been featured in top publications such as The Economic Times, Your Story, and Deccan Herald, and our chefs have received rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Get the Resources and Support

There are many advantages to being a home chef on Oota Box. You can set your own menu and pricing, work on your own schedule, and showcase your unique culinary style to a wide audience. We provide all the resources and support you need to build your food business, including marketing and promotion, order management, and payment processing. Plus, you’ll have access to a community of like-minded chefs and foodies who can provide advice and support.

Join the Oota Box Community

Join the Oota Box community of home chefs today and start sharing your culinary skills with the world. Sign-up is easy and free. Just click the button below to get started, and we’ll guide you through the rest. 

How it Works

How it Works

Oota Box brings your customers to you
Step 1: Sign Up
First things first, you need to become a member on Oota Box. Create an account with us – it's free and always will be.
Step 2: Create a Listing
Set up your home food business online. Fill in the details, upload photos of your delicious dishes, and write a bit about your cooking journey.
Step 3: Set Up Your Menu
Create your menu from over 200+ categories and cuisines. You have full control over what and when you want to serve.
Step 4: Get the Word Out
Leverage our built-in marketing tools to reach customers in your region. Start gathering reviews from your customers to further boost your reputation.
Step 5: Connect and Collaborate
Receive direct inquiries from potential customers. Engage with them and establish your own client base.
Step 6: Learn and Grow
Access our 200+ resources to improve your business operations, cooking skills, and marketing strategies. You're not alone in this journey. We're here to grow together.
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Looking for inspiration on what to sell?

Looking for inspiration on what to sell?

Ideas to spark your creativity
Remember, start with what you love cooking and what your customers love eating, and let your home food business flourish from there.
Homemade Breads

If you love baking, consider selling homemade breads. They are always in demand and have countless variations to experiment with.

Preserves and Jams

Got a secret family recipe for the best strawberry jam? Fruit preserves and jams are a hit among customers who appreciate artisanal products.

Sauces and Salsas

Spice things up with your unique homemade sauces, salsas, or chutneys. They can add a burst of flavor to any meal.

Baked Goods

Cookies, cupcakes, pies, or pastries - if baking is your forte, there's a vast market waiting for you.

Health Food

Cater to health-conscious consumers with offerings like smoothie bowls, protein bars, or gluten-free snacks.

Casseroles or One-Pot Meals

Convenience is key for many consumers. Nutritious, flavorful one-pot meals or casseroles can be a big hit.

Meal Prep Boxes

Help your customers stay on track with their dietary goals by offering prepped meals for the week.

Specialty Teas or Coffees

If you're a tea or coffee connoisseur, share your love for these beverages with uniquely crafted blends.


Who can resist a delicious sweet treat? Showcase your skill with delightful desserts.

Cultural or Ethnic Food

Stand out from the crowd by offering authentic, homemade dishes from your cultural or ethnic background.

Frequently Asked​ Questions

Frequently Asked​ Questions

Here's a list of most common questions home food business owners have
What is Oota Box?
Oota Box is a platform that connects home food businesses with food lovers. It offers an easy way for them to start and grow their home food business online.
How do I sign up for Oota Box?

Simply click on this link or any of the "Create a listing" buttons to start the sign-up process.

How do I create a listing for my home food business on Oota Box?
After signing up, you'll be guided through the process of setting up your profile and creating a listing for your home food business. You can upload photos, set your menu, tell a little about your cooking journey and a lot more.
Can I customize my menu on Oota Box?
Yes, you have full control over your menu. You can choose which dishes you want to offer and when.
How does Oota Box help me market my home food business?
Oota Box supports you with its built-in marketing tools and resources. It also exposes your business to its established audience of food lovers.
Can I communicate with my customers directly?
Yes, you can receive direct inquiries from potential customers and engage with them directly on the platform.
How do I know when there is a new message?
You will be notified on your registered email when there's a new message from a potential customer.
Can I be active only on weekdays/weekends or select the days I want to be available?
Absolutely. You have the flexibility to choose your days of operation based on your availability and preferences.
How long does it take for my listing to go live?
After you've completed your listing and it has been reviewed by our team, it typically goes live within 48 hours.
Is there any contract that a chef needs to sign?
No, there is no binding contract to sign. Oota Box works on a flexible model that allows you to use its platform as per your needs.
When will I get my first inquiry?
Once your listing is live, you could start receiving inquiries from potential customers. The time it takes to get your first inquiry can vary based on several factors such as your offerings, pricing, and customer demand in your area.
Who handles the delivery of the food?

The delivery of the food is organized by the food business that takes up the order. This ensures better control over the quality and presentation of your meals upon reaching your customers. However, you do have additional options such as pickup/takeaway.

How far can I deliver my food?
The delivery radius is typically decided by you, as the food business, to ensure food reaches customers in the best condition. You can decide on an optimal radius based on your ability to maintain the quality of your dishes during delivery.
What does Oota Box charge for an inquiry?

We don't charge for an inquiry. Oota Box offers a 'free for life' basic plan, allowing you to receive an unlimited number of leads and notifications from users at no cost. For additional information, please refer to our pricing plans here.

What resources does Oota Box provide to help me grow my home food business?
Oota Box equips you with over 200+ resources created for home food business owners. From getting started to managing growth, learn from experts and join a community of successful home food entrepreneurs. We are actively updating our resources and will notify you whenever we add new resources.

Ready to Launch Your Home Food Business Online? ​

Ready to Launch Your Home Food Business Online? ​

With Oota Box, no tech skills are needed

We handle your online presence, marketing, and operations for you.

Explore how home-cooked food can transform your office meals.

Navigate the World of Home Cooked Food. Join us in the Endless Pursuit of Great Home-Cooked Food.

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