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A long day at work, too tired, no time to shop, reached home late or not knowing how to cook, you might have infinite reasons for eating outside. But do you know what could be the repercussions of having outside food?

Like you have reasons for eating outside food too often, we can give you reasons you shouldn’t! Quality issues, its expensive, less healthy, hygiene issues, there’s temptation of eating more than required, the novelty of eating out wears off and the list goes on.

But what other option do you have other than eating out? Well, here’s a solution. What if we tell you that you can now have home-cooked food yet you don’t have to cook? Yes, we bring all the cooks in your neighborhood in one place – Oota Box, lets you see what’s being cooked around you and buy yourself some healthy home-cooked food.

So go ahead and explore Oota Box for yourself.  It might not solve all your life problems, but anything related to food, it’s worth a shot 😉

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