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This post is about high tea desserts will assemble your pastries, flavored brews and the small time talks. India holds the best tea flavors from Assam to Darjeeling to Munnar tea plantations. Finding the suitable flavors isn’t a big of a deal, it’s the satisfactory dessert, pastry or a snack that you will be looking out in here. Check out the irresistible taste and aroma of jasmine when flavored with your tea.

Let’s dig into a few high tea time desserts

Pineapple cream cheesecake

People are all time so mesmerized with the advent of this dessert from their childhood. A well-baked pineapple cheesecake is a heaven to tea time fanatics. The extra addition of cheese to this cake, adds up for a buttery flavor and soft feel when you bite it.

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Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

For your fluffy chocolate cupcake, a topping of raspberry makes you die for! It doesn’t matter if it’s one or two… these make you go weak at your knees. Chocolate raspberry cupcakes are a but for a tea time party. You could just watch them disappear in quite a few minutes making it a high tea dessert.

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Indian crackers or cookies

Chai and Chaska are what we Indians love for an evening talk. We aren’t describing those normal Marie, good-day or all time fav parle-g biscuits. The traditional high tea desserts are the sweet and salty cookies, Nankhatai, mild spicy biscuits, spicy cookies, etc. The traditional crackers are filled with jeera, jeera crackers, milk powdered crackers and milk rusks.

Moroccan deviled eggs 

Cooking is less about meticulously following recipes. Deviled eggs have many of diversifications from a straightforward sinister akin to a dash of sizzling sauce or with added fun to the yolk mix. The onions, squashed yolk and light mayonnaise make hard boiled deviled eggs. Make them a tea time savory.

Get the recipe here

Chocolate pistachio and almond biscotti

Biscotti is a native snack to the Italians, much loved for a strong shot of an expresso or a tea. Oblong shaped and baked twice, this dry crunchy nutted biscuit can also be dipped in milk. A snack for all ages. biscotti is a kid’s favorite snack to munch during the eve’s.

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Tutti-Frutti sweet cake

An all-time favorite tea time snack, its attractive colorfulness waters most people. Its soft, moist and crumb full nature makes it the best and the perfect tea time snack for all ages.

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Blueberry lemon crumb bars

Portraying yellow bake, blueberries all over the crumb bars. These are pretty spectacular to admire and bite into. Lemon zest and blueberries make it vibrant, while the creamy cheese and the yellowish bake make it moist. A heck of a high tea dessert, blueberry lemon crumb bar is a requisite to have during the eve.

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Oatmeal Crumble jam bars

Tons of berries, oats and more oats with less refined sugars and flour is what this jam bars hold. Delicious yet an elegant and a healthy snack for your evening past time. This present high time dessert snack holds the health facts as a small talk while you sip that tea along with your friends.

Get the recipe here

Chocolate earl truffles

Truffles are high tea desserts, superb little confections made with the aid of making a ganache. Rolled truffles with desired chocolate coatings are very impatient to drool for. Chocolate truffles are easy to make! Your loved ones will surely enjoy them while sipping a glass of tea.

Get the recipe here

A wide variety of high tea desserts are always sorted for an evening cup of tea, be it with a group of friends, your chill out session with your colleagues or while you hangout with your siblings at your balcony.

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