The irresistible taste and aroma of jasmine

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Jasmine or Jessamine are climbing shrubs blooming during the autumn or can be evergreen (blooming all year long). One of the must keep shrubs if you have an aromatic garden. This wall climbing aroma shrub blooms in clusters bearing white, yellow or pinkish flowers either during summer or winter.

Suitable to grow in the tropical regions across the world, Jasminum has 200 varieties. The flower is used as aperitif or accompaniment across south and south-east Asia.

The fragrance a jasmine flower gives out is literally soothing. Speaking about the aromatic garden, it will always awaken your senses. Filled with shrubbery all around, an aromatic garden pulls out each scent of every season. To learn more about gardening click here. Now, lets cut the chase to the after effects of consuming jasmine flavours.

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Consuming Jasmine tea and its after-effects aroma

The aroma while making the tea itself is so soothing. Containing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, jasmine tea is everyone’s cup of tea. Click here to taste a cup of Jasmine flavoured tea.

  • For Indigestion

Improper digestion is indeed a common health problem one could face now and then. A hot cup of jasmine infused tea improves tummy, by promoting good bacteria. The tea gives out a wafting heady aroma, increasing in the palate-cleansing property. It is advisable to have a cup of jasmine tea before or after a meal for a better digestive cycle in your body.

  • It helps in boosting the immune system

Infectious bacteria and viruses are prone everywhere around you. The former may be prone to flu, cold, diarrhoea and all other common flu’s. Consuming jasmine tea on a regular basis provides your body with good bacteria and acts as bacteria-killing substance.

  • For a youthful skin

The tea itself has hundreds of antioxidant properties, by adding jasmine makes it much more antecedent. Because it contains free radicals, it helps in preserving health and avoiding premature ageing. One could also apply a mild ground paste of jasmine flower(like a face mask). As the face mask delivers the required hydration needed, by relieving the skin with smoother and reduced fine lines. This is due to the anti-oxidants and nourishing extracts found in jasmine.

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How do you feel when you drink a cup of jasmine tea?

While you prepare a cup of jasmine tea, the aroma itself gets your mood up. The taste dances around your tongue and carries a heady jasmine floral smell to it. It live-ins/ lightens up your mind and your body.

Sipping a cup of tea during your mid afternoon’s or during the evening, it greatly acts as a cooler for those powerful sunny days.

Here is a nice way to ensure your jasmine shrub grows well

  1. To keep your jasmine plant alive from white millie bugs – Take a bunch of neem leaves and boil it in water for 15 to 20 minutes. Let the water cool down, transfer the cooled water to a spray gun and use it as a pesticide on the jasmine plant.
  2. For ensuring that your plant lives for a longer duration – Coffee contains traces of nitrogen in them. While watering your jasmine plant, add a spoon full of grounded coffee to a mug of water and induce the outcome liquid to the plant. This helps in better growth of the plant as the soil contains amounts of nitrogen helping the growth of the roots.

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