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Indian food is no shy for the vast seasonings produced under its bag, giving a whole new perspective for your taste buds. From the basic sea salt, ample of spices and boundless herbs to add to your food. From the spices produced in the bases of Everest, the East Indian spices and the colossal seasoning choices south India produces. We hold approximately 15% of the world’s spices and the seasonings by branded segments. Estimated to be around 18 billion US dollars by 2020 only that of branded segments. If we add the seasonings produced from a local market, traditional markets and the crops that are grown in the backyard. We surely stand as a major part of the world to produce a gigantic bag of seasoning and spices to be just drizzled over their dish.

For better stat ratios of which state produces what and where they stand click here

Though all that is said about the spices and the seasonings. We produce the best dry red chilies and garlic; tamarind, ajwain, fennel, fenugreek. These are just some common seasonings in our daily cooking factor. So, what are the new spices and seasonings we can add to our dishes and rejoice the culinary aspects of them? These below spices give out a greater aroma and aftertastes.

The unusual spices and seasonings to add to your meal

  • Black stone flower or dagad phool

A formidable lichen, fungi or algae, the black stone flower has a woody fragrance to it. Rather not have any flavor to it, this Indian spice gives out a magical taste to whatever it is added to. Mainly used in Maharashtrian and Chettinad cuisines this spice acts as an elevation to your masala.

Usually grown at a higher altitude and the regions around southern India. This Indian spice is an unusual one added to your meal.

  • White bird’s eye chili 

This fruit is very pungent and very hot, having a Scoville score around 50,000 – 100,000 units. This capsicum annuum is hotter than the jalapeno’s and slightly less hot than the habanero chili.

Grown in parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This super hot, ivory colored kanthari mulagu chili is mainly cultivated as a homestead crop. A rare variety of Bird’s Eye Chilli, kanthari mulagu has traditionally been used to stimulate appetite. Controls cholesterol levels and ease arthritis pain. In Kerala, this chili is used in relishes, pickles, and curries.

  • Alkanet root

Mainly used as a food coloring agent, this rooted spice is what gives Rogan gosh its color. As the world has developed a lot in the food industry sector, using artificial synthesizers is become very normal. This rooted color giving spice is added to even tandoor chicken, vastly seen and used in the Kashmiri cuisine. Alkanet root is losing its fight for dishes with the artificial synthesizers.

  • Asian Chives or Maroi nakupi

A grass-like herb similar to chives. Maroi nakupi is used as a substitute for garlic and onion in cooking in North East India, especially in Manipur. The flat leaves, the stalks, and the unopened flower buds are all used as a flavoring in local delicacies. Such as as-as eromba, bora, singju, and ametpa. The juice of crushed leaves is also used as a traditional folk medicine for the treatment of fungal or bacterial infections.

  • Dried pomegranate seeds or anardana 

The thought of having, how do they make the pulp of the pomegranate seeds vanish. The laborers actually press the pulp out and is sun-dried, giving out the remainder as a dried seed. Slow air drying makes it more molasses, adding depths and flavor to the dishes. These seeds are used as a souring agent in the dishes across Indian and Persian cuisines.

This spice provides a tangy and tart like tastes, added to curries and chutney’s. It also provides a sweet and sour flavor to it. Sprinkling or incorporating anradana powder into your salads, curries, fruit salads or it can also be used in marinating of chicken or lamb.

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