Should we really consume organic eggs, the myths

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Eggs, the most nutritious food on the planet or so-called the super food for protein. Consuming a single egg for a day is sufficient enough to provide more than half the recommended intake of cholesterol. Yes, a single egg contains nearly 200mg of fat (cholesterol). Be it, scrambled eggs, toasts or what not, the extra amount of oil or butter poured on to them might have varies of the aftermath on our health. Eating eggs consistently has its ups and downs, ranging from better muscle gain and higher levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream. By all means, eggs are a boon to mankind but the recent production and the medicines injected into them literally withhold our thoughts.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”Pe4RS” via=”yes” ]Yolk contains healthy cholesterol, which isn’t bad for your health or your bloodstream, remember to consume only a finite amount [/ctt]

The myths regarding egg consumption? 

  • The most common myth, egg yolk is unhealthy

The egg yolk potentially acts as a growth supplement for a chick. Consumption of just egg white’s for breakfast needlessly should not be alone, yolk won’t harm your well being. It’s a real fact yolk contains a higher percentage of cholesterol, not all fats are harmful to your body. And the cholesterol present in yolk will not be converted into higher blood cholesterol. That’s a medically proven fact, hence do not worry. But consumption of limited amount yolk is advisable.

  • Fresh eggs are best, only if your intention is to bake or scramble them

The truth is fresh eggs are of course best, only if you intend to scramble them, use them for baking. If boiling an egg is the way you consume them, then a week old egg is preferable. Which is easier to be peeled and accompanied for dishes like egg curry, egg biryani and such. Have a healthy meal with your eggs.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”IS8fj” via=”yes” ]Adding a few drops of water or milk makes your scrambled eggs softer and velvety[/ctt]

  • Never add milk to your scrambled eggs

Adding a few drops of milk to your eggs makes it velvety and softer. Making them a bit bulkier and mushy enough to feel the worlds apart from the normal scrambled eggs. Some chefs or homemakers even add water to make them lighter. Water doesn’t make it as tough as milk, the trick is to add a splash of water before you crack and whisk the eggs. Remember don’t tell anyone you got that from us.

  • White eggs are better than brown eggs

Every individual knows brown rice is healthier than white rice, and the same thing with white and brown bread. Actually, there is not much of a difference between white and brown eggs. They share the same tastes and nutritional facts, but the color differs only due to the product of different breeds. The real fact is brown hens lay brown eggs and white hens lay the white eggs.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”fArB2″ via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Humane way of treating animals makes this world a better place for everyone[/ctt]

Should we consume organic eggs?

Well, the eggs in the past were really better before the world caught up with globalization. But during this modern era eggs are produced artificially with plastic and the inhumane treatment of chickens. This lone reason is enough to change your perspective and consume organic eggs. The key to getting organic eggs is in a local market or an organic farm. Although in Indian cities, farm-grown hens and eggs are a rare sight, being the vast generalization of readily available eggs in supermarkets.

The inhumane part of growing hens in cages is a disgusting sight once you understood the whole situation of growing them and physically torturing them from their birth. This alone feeling is what makes people turn into vegans and their mass idea to turn the rest of the world to the same. Consuming meat or meat related products is no harm, but ensure what meat you consume is treated humanely, and making this world a better place for every living being.


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