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According to a United Nations report, the global potato production reached a high of 315 million tonnes in 2006 and today, nearly 1/3rd of the global production can be attributed to China and India two of the world’s most populous countries. According to sources, on an average that a world citizen consumes about 33 kg of potatoes yearly. Even though there are several basic standard sorts of potatoes, 4, 000 distinct types are cultivated worldwide. The potato was also the first vegetable to be grown in space in 1995, with the purpose of feeding astronauts as well as future space colonies.

Given the efforts needed to grow so many types of potatoes, production & consumption volumes globally, it’s hard to think of the tater as a cancerous, poisonous plant ready to kill with syphilis or obesity. Here is a list of some common potato myths that disturb people even today.

Myth 1: The potato isn’t a vegetable, potato, although a tuberous root, is categorized as a vegetable in the Food Guide Pyramid.

Nevertheless, it’s also occasionally referred to as an edible root or that a tuber. The potato is an integral component of the total recommended daily portion of vegetables. One medium size potato counts as one cup of starchy vegetables.

Myth 2: Potato are fattening Nutritionally speaking, a potato can be about 80% water as well as 20% strong pretty much as stocked up on nutritional value as would be expected from any normal vegetable. A raw or baked potato with skin typically includes 100 calories, 22g carbohydrates, 3g of protein and NO fat! I bet that is fantastic news to all of the diet stricken people out on the planet who’ve been told that eating potatoes can be suicide.

This is completely untrue if it’s eaten in all of its goodness baked, mashed, boiled, roasted, steamed or stewed. Even though a curry looks large, fleshy and definitely dangerous to the Atkins Nutritional Approach devotee, it’ll in itself not contribute much to one’s fat gain, owing to the large water content in it. However, a potato with the additional butter or sour cream topping, served as chips/fries or baked with cheese will not only hinder weight loss, it WILL contribute to weight gain, cholesterol as well as blood sugar problems. Whilst a simple baked potato would boast more than 100 calories as well as no fat, a little packet of Fries would easily be responsible for around 210 calories along with additional fat.

Myth 3: Potato chips are veggies Even though this common potato myth opines that potato chips as well as chips count as veggies in the food guide pyramid, this is completely misleading.

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