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Staying fit and healthy is one of the major concerns for a majority of individuals these days. People are on a constant look out for a healthier replacement of the regular food that they usually have. Be it an IT professional, home maker, interior designer, film maker or a fitness expert, everyone these days are busy with their hectic life.

Eating a healthy meal seems a bit difficult for many because of their busy schedules and the tremendous work pressure they go through daily. Also, many do not find ample amount of time to prepare home cooked meals. As a result, they end up eating junk food which eventually jeopardizes their health. Chronic medical conditions and diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular issues are largely on the rise. This is due to the intake of junk food and other packaged food items. Most of these packed food and junk food comprises of greater amount of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. This is alarming!!! These are nothing but chemicals which prove to be harmful for our health.

Ootabox- Nutritious meals delivered at your doorstep!

There comes the need for nutritious home cooked meals that would replenish your body with all the required nutrients. Needless to say, we are aware of how important vitamins and minerals are in our diet, apart from the daily workout sessions. The right amount of healthy food coupled with daily exercise is the secret mantra to a healthy, fit body. So, if you are struggling to eat healthy and seeking for reliable options in this domain, Ootabox is always to your rescue!

It is a home cooked food delivery service catering to major parts of Bangalore and other cities across India. These include Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. Partnering with home-makers across Bangalore, we make it possible for you to enjoy a nutritious home cooked meal at an affordable rate. The food is made in the homes of our talented chefs and then neatly packed with care, strictly considering your hygiene factor.

What we do?

Approximately, 1K+ home makers across Bangalore prepare different types of home cooked food for our food delivery service. Based on a subscription model, our non-repetitive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is good enough to satiate your taste buds. Offering a varied range of North Indian and South Indian cuisines, we make sure to include fresh, healthy ingredients. This will make your meal tasty and nutritious at the same time.

All you have to do is to select the city and area to have a view of the list of dishes available. And, then choose the one you would love to eat. You also have the advantage to pre-order dishes of your choice or place a request in case you cannot find the dish you are looking for. Once done, the food is picked from the chef’s place and delivered to your place. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, we offer an array of delicacies to satisfy your hunger and comfort you with the taste of home cooked meals. So, if your meal planning sessions include the thought of “healthy food near me”, we are always there to help you out!

Order homemade dishes at your convenience!

Being busy cannot be the reason of not having a healthy meal. This goes out to everyone who keeps on having junk food on the pretext of being busy in their lives. We make your lives much easier by providing healthy options for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ultimate convenience is what sets us apart from others! Sometimes, you may be busy at office or arrive home late after work. So, you can order our home-made delicacies for the elderly members of your home conveniently without any hassle. Varied meal subscription plans will make it easy for you to order meals for yourself or for your loved ones. Fresh, hot meals or snacks made from the best of ingredients is ideal for bachelors, late workers, elderly people. Also, it is suitable for people who wish to avoid the responsibility of cooking yet want to enjoy something healthy.

What sets us apart from others?

Catering to a large number of people, our food pooling service is entirely customized based on your preferences. Though we have a fixed menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, our customized meals is what makes us special. Whether you are seeking gluten free meals, meals for diabetic patients or carbohydrate free meals, we can offer every sort of meal plan that you are looking for. Unlike a restaurant or other food delivery service, our menu is not generalized one. Instead, we give preferences to individual choices and prepare the best savory dishes according to your wish. Whether it is roti curry, dosa stuffed with healthy vegetables or rice and mixed dal combo, we leave no stone unturned to include the health factor in each of the dishes we offer. So, for people who wish to eat healthy despite their busy lifestyle, Ootabox is always there for you!

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