Let's talk about water and being hydrated

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Its Summer season,while everyone are feeling the preheat even though its just a start, its another 60 or odd days to go and being hydrated is a main thing. Nevertheless their are hundreds of ways of being hydrated ranging from all the fresh juices to the fruit bowls, water is the only source that amuses your body and relishes your mouth; giving an heavenly contentment no matter what the intake might be (Usually an intake of two liters or more is recommended), So let’s talk about water and being hydrated.

“The natural substance water per Se tends to be tasteless,” wrote Aristotle. In his view, it serves only as the vehicle for flavor. But eventually, scientists began to notice that a draught of pure distilled water could provoke a certain taste. Some found it bitter on the tongue; others say it is insipid.

During summer when the temperature hits high there is immense fluid loss from the body. One feels thirsty too often and also gets dehydrated due to the heat. Water is the best solution to quench thirst, prevent fluid loss after exercise and dehydration. It is difficult to live without water.

Here are a few tips for drinking water during the summer season

  • Always carry a bottle of water

Carrying a few extra ounces of weight around won’t hurt you at all, its better to have a bottle of water with you always and sipping on it every now and then will keep your body hydrated.

It is also advisable to drink 10-15 glasses of water during the summer season, while continuing a fore side as an habit will reduce the chances of renal related diseases.

  • Excising regularly along with appropriate intake of vitamins

After a subsequent strenuous exercise it is necessary to take more protein and carbohydrates to build and repair the muscles to keep the body hydrated. Low fat chocolate milk will fulfill this requirement. Soups and vegetable juices that contain salt and potassium also help to replace the loss of sodium and fluids.

Dried fruits and nut mixtures along with water are good supplement of food,they are rich in sodium, potassium, carbohydrates and contain high calories.

  • Adding minerals to your water

Adding an unrefined, raw sea salt to your water will increase its absorption big time, because you need proper mineral balance to stay hydrated and notice the difference.Naturally carbonated and mineralised water has been shown to hydrate better, and you can really tell the difference.In addition to hydrating added minerals in water help boost adrenal and thyroid function, giving you more natural energy.


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