For working mothers who are attempting hard to fill their kid’s hungry little bellies, junk meals present a quick and a straightforward solution. But, do these food provide a healthy alternative to the nutritious delicacies cooked by you as an accountable mom? All through these years, fast foods, soft drinks, potato chips, crunchies, toffees, chocolates, doughnuts, pizzas, burgers, french fries, etc have made their presence in every corner of our society. All these junk foods are available at all times in school & college canteens. Scientifically, it has been proven that these junk foods are unhealthy not only for kids but, even for adults. Some might wonder as to why these foods are known as junk food? The reason being simple that, the term ‘junk’ refers to something that is unsuitable and unnecessary. Also, it serves no good to those who desire to stay fit and healthy.

With such a junk meal choice for kids accompanied by them being constantly engaged by computers, television, video games and the Internet, kids are facing a crisis for a healthy, active lifestyle for themselves. Thus, kids are less healthful than they used to be in the earlier days.

Junk food- how far is it healthy for your kids?

The effect of these junk food on kid’s health is awful and remains the same, regardless of whether you allow your kids to devour these junk food once in a month or twice in a week or every day. Over the past few decades, individuals have been highly busy with their working routine and modern lifestyle. So, most of the parents find it too time consuming and complicated to cook delicious and nutritious meals at home. Junk foods can boost the chances of dementia among the younger generation and might also introduce changes in children that may lead to depression. It makes them impatient and may trigger uncontrollable cravings, impaired digestion, enhance the possibility of coronary heart & kidney diseases in children.

Junk food play an important role in deteriorating the health of kids. These foods are the first and the foremost cause behind fatigue & laziness among children. Parents feel that junk and fast foods fill their kid’s stomach and they are contented with it. But, it is a fact that these junk food lack the required nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates required to boost your children’s immunity as well as their energy. Junks meals can also make children feel melancholy. These hormonal changes among children makes them prone to mood swings and and brings in behavioral alterations. A well planned diet routine plays a vital role in sustaining their hormonal steadiness. Because junk food lacks the fundamental nutrients, the chances of teens coming out from depression is 48% in urban areas and 24% in rural areas.

Junk foods are excess in subtle sugar.

Junk food lacks the vital carbohydrates and proteins.Due to this, the level of blood sugar keeps dropping after every short period of time. This makes them irritable, short tempered and also raises their craving for more junk food. It also affects the functioning of their brain. As per studies, consuming junk food for one week triggers memory impairment as they tend to interfere with the brain’s normal signalling mechanism.

Junk food increases the chances of coronary heart sickness in children. Further, fats present in junk food accumulates over the time in body contributing to obesity. The reason why kids never say “no” to fries and chips is because they contain excess amount of finely processed salt which increases salivation and secretion of enzymes, reinforcing their cravings for “some more” junk food. More volume of unfavorable fat and sodium from salt raises blood pressure and impacts kidneys. High degrees of fats found in junk food can cause deposition of fat in the liver causing the liver to dysfunction. When children eat healthy home cooked food, their body receives an adequate amount of glucose which aids in preserving their insulin sensitivity.

So, how to secure your children’s health and keep them fit?

Enroll your children for as many athletic activities as possible. Breakfast is the most important food for the day. It will fuel them with the energy that they require for the day. So, ensure to cook healthy breakfast for your kids like oatmeal or whole grain cereals. Keep your kid hydrated, particularly in summers and also, if they are engaged in sports activity. Plan your meals such that your child gets sufficient carbohydrates and enough proteins in their food. Include meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, legumes or greens. Also, provide them with adequate amount of fruits. In case, your child is eating the same food everyday, odds are that they are missing out on other essential nutrients.

So, let them to help you for choosing breakfast and meals for the day which are healthy, nutritious as well as tasty for the family. This would assist them in making a healthy and nutritious selection of food for themselves in the future. This might help a whole lot with regards to preparing meals for you or for your family. Junk food is not a good way to instill great eating routine in your kids. Soda is jam packed with calories and juices are usually full of sugars. Many people eat way too much food at every meal, which contributes to massive fat gain in both adults and kids.

Nutrition is essential for both kids as well as adults. Together you could make your house a far healthy environment, where everybody can reap the advantages. Do not entertain inadequate nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle to ruin your kid’s health. Together we can make a difference which will last a lifetime.

Healthy, home cooked food delivery right at your place

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