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If you love cooking along with other aspects of food, this article helps with ideas on how to start a home food business or starting a home-based food-related business.

To sell edibles, there might a few hoops you want to jump through before you start a home food business.

Most states have regulations around the food industry that demand keeping your personal cooking tools and ingredients different from your business ones, and the chance of a visit from the health department.

Your state’s health department or occupational regulations web site should have info on what’s involved with selling food. ​​You can also read our “Ulimite guide to start a home food business“.

These 7 ideas involve cooking or sharing your love of food and making a living from it.

So grab a cup of coffee and a muffin, and check out these foodie business ideas before you start a home food business.

1. Create and Sell Baked Goods

Everyone loves baked items. Sandwiches, bread or doughnuts for breakfast, bread with lunch, bread or biscuit with dinner, and cookies or cakes.

You can profit from the love of baked goods by baking them and promoting them yourself or listing your products on a platform like Oota Box.

One can specialize such as starting a cookie business, or you could bake a broad range of snacks like cakes, muffins, bread and much more.

Try baking gluten-free or other diet-specialty snacks (i.e. sugar-free).

Consign your baked goods and sell them via a neighbourhood cafe or shop, or you can sell them direct to consumers through an online shop like Oota Box or farmers market.

2. Specialty Goods

Do you have a special item you make others love?

Maybe you make jams or preserves?

Do you roast your own coffee beans?

Could you make chocolate along with other confections?

In case you have a raw item you make others love, turn it into income.

Similar to baked goods, specialty items are in demand. They make great presents or snacks that might be marketed through consignment, on-line, at fairs and farmers markets, and more.

3. Catering

Do you enjoy cooking a wide range of foods for events?

Even though catering could be a big task, many caterers obtained by stating working on weekends catering to events.

In reality, you can consider specializing like a kind of event or particular foods.

Odds are you’ll want a few additional helping hands on the afternoon of the event to ensure all things are ready and ready to be served in the allotted time.

4. Personal Chef

Although you enjoy cooking but don’t want to take on the massive task of serving a group.

Another option is to be a personal chef.

Busy families don’t have time or desire to cook and hire others to produce meals for them.

Many personal chefs cook in massive amounts, leaving a week’s worth of meals with their clients.

With delivery in place, you can consider specializing, as well. For example, you can cook for households with particular needs, like allergy restricted diets.

5. Cooking Instructor

A lot of men and women wish they had skills in the kitchen and are willing to pay to learn.

As with other culinary work, the cooking instructor may concentrate on a specific area, like baking or grilling, or be a generalist.

You can lead cooking instructions in your home, or have someone videotape you and you could sell videos as part of home-based learning class. Another option is to produce your very own cooking show posted on YouTube, which may pay you advertising income. 

6. Nutrition Coach

Individuals are getting increasingly more worried about their health and the role that food plays.

A nutrition coach helps others design and follow a nutrition plan that can help them meet their health goals. Some clients can have specific problems to deal with like diabetes mellitus or food allergies.

Other might want to follow a specific kind of diet plan, such as vegetarian or vegan gluten-free.

Though you do not have to be a dietitian, it may add to your credibility and allow you to charge more. Or you may consider getting certified as a nutrition coach by one of the numerous nutrition coaching companies. 

7. Foodie Blogger

Among the fastest and simplest ways to get started earning money from the love of food is by way of a food blog.

You may share your recipes via text or video, and place them on your website, share them on Pinterest and more.

As opposed to other food businesses which are under regulation, a food blog does not have particular food principles because you are not selling the food items.

Instead, you can earn an income through a wide range of other options like affiliate internet marketing, advertising, or creating your very own items like a cookbook.


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