How to sell home cooked meals?

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Earn money cooking out of your very own kitchen and learn how to sell home cooked meals. Sell home cooked food online from your very own home.

How to sell home cooked meals

Earn money selling homecooked food out of your very own kitchen 
Oota Box allows you to conduct your very own takeaway out of your kitchen. In the event that you’ve got a passion for cooking, and a kitchen, you’ve got your very own food business. You can create your own menu, your prices and your schedule. Start selling now, we only take a cut once you begin making sales and help you with all the required license and registration procedures.  You can also read our “Ulimite guide to start a home food business“.

How to sell home cooked meals?

Start selling 
Make an account and start selling your food for free. We only share a little 13% cut of every sale completed, meaning you keep 87 per cent of every sale. Setting up a food business has not been easy or inexpensive. You can get more details and register as a chef here.

Establish your very own schedule & costs 
Take complete control over whenever you cook, what you cook and the price you would like to sell at. We don’t interfere, we simply supply you with an audience of hungry customers looking to purchase your food, the rest is totally up to you. 

Sell anything home cooked 
There’s no limitation on what you could cook out of your kitchen. So long as it’s prepared in your very own kitchen, we are happy to sell it. Fresh homecooked meals, or recently baked cakes, it doesn’t matter to people. Just decide what you’re going to cook, and tell us how customers can get hold of it. 

We’ll find your customers 
We’ll work on providing you with new customers, you may simply concentrate on the fun part, cooking your favourite dishes. Once approved your food will instantly be shown on our growing marketplace and observable to our clients. A ready-made audience, for free! You cook, we will do the rest. 

Food Safety 
All cooks will adhere to local food business laws and best practices and inspections to ensure safe cooking. 
Secure Payments 
Payments are secured and handled via PayU & Paytm.
Photos of Every Meal 
You’ll be able to set an image for every meal you post. 
All your food is listed in your local area, let customers catch it instantly. Or arrange a time which suits you. 
Ratings & Feedback 
As the community grows, valuable meal and cook ratings will assist you to maintain food quality in a high degree. 

Navigate the World of Home Cooked Food. Join us in the Endless Pursuit of Great Home-Cooked Food.

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