How does healthy eating habits pay back for organizations?

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In any business, the productivity of employees is highly critical for its success. That’s why many organizations look out for different ways to keep their employees working at maximum efficiency. While aspects like work environment, quality of work/life balance contribute, one of the most important aspect is employee’s health and workplace nutrition. It’s always a win-win for organizations who create a culture of healthy eating habits.

Find out how

  • Time Management: Cooking food at home, travelling all the way in traffic and on time login is almost impossible. For employees who have no option to cook, it’s a battle of everyday survival. Most of the time they compromise with the ‘eating’ part of their life. This further leads to poor time management and punctuality issues. Bridging that gap with smarter decisions can be a game changer.
  • Pro-activeness: Eating healthy fresh food brings a shift in the mood. Employees are more attentive and less lethargic when they eat healthy, fresh food than employees who eat outside food causing heaviness and dullness throughout their working hours.
  • Decision Making: It is most important thing that your employees are attentive and fresh for the meetings throughout the day. Healthy meal makes all the difference. When the stomach is full and lite, there is more focus on what you do and most often, decisions taken are right.
  • Leaves: Eating healthy means, living healthy. An employee with healthy eating habits seldom take leaves due to sickness (actual sickness).
  • Goodwill: Company’s decision to subscribe for healthier food options, is also a strong way of telling your employees that you care for their health, time while they slog at office. These kinds of perks help you meet the pain points.

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