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Choosing a diabetic meal plan from Oota Box for healthy living!

Gaining the status of a potential epidemic, more than 62 million people are currently diagnosed with diabetes. Predicted to double globally from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million in 2030, it is also found that the maximum increase of this disease will be in India. Diabetes has become a common health condition in almost every household. Often referred to as diabetes mellitus, it is a metabolic disorder in which the person has high blood glucose levels, either because of inadequate insulin production, or because the body cells do not respond adequately to insulin.

Need for a nutritious balanced diet!

It is very important to have a proper balanced diet to manage this disorder appropriately. Nutritious meals with appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals can manage diabetes to a considerable extent. Daily exercise along with a balanced diet helps individuals to stay fit and healthy. We need to control diabetes with the help of a proper meal. One that consists of vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, pulses and healthy dairy products. Also, cutting down sugar intake is a must for diabetic individuals. To reduce the complications of this disorder, it is important that you choose the right meals every day.

No time for healthy meals!

It’s not always possible to have a healthy balanced diet where calorie intake is restricted per meal. Especially, a busy hectic lifestyle affects our eating habits to a considerable extent. Be it a software employee or a busy homemaker, we all do not have proper nutritious meals and end up eating junk food to satisfy our hunger. Our busy work life keeps hungry for a long time and then out of impulse we tend to eat junk processed fatty items. This can take a deep toll on our heath and have adverse effects which in turn require treatment with tons of pills

Oota Box: Offering home cooked nutritious meals!

Oota Box aims to offer meals for diabetic patients at affordable rates. Our meal plans are catered to meet the calorie needs and nutritional needs without compromising on the taste. With the help of expert dieticians and nutritionists from across Bangalore, we offer freshly made home cooked meals. The best part of the meals provided by Oota Box is that each meal is prepared keeping in mind the special dietary needs of diabetic individuals.

Healthy option for better health!

The best part of the meals provided by Oota Box is that we offer variety of food items without compromising on the nutrition of the food. You can enjoy a stuffed methi paratha, vegetable upma, vegetable oats or daliya for breakfast. Lunch comprises of sabzi, phulka without ghee along with a healthy salad followed by it. The sabzi item provided to you for lunch or dinner are never repetitive and so always a treat for your taste buds. The uniqueness of our meals is that they are home cooked and innovative meals with a variety of ingredients to make it healthy and tasty at the same time! Each meal provided by us is of a fixed amount of calories and hence it becomes easy to keep a check on your calorie intake while you order meals from Oota Box.

We are here to care for you while your life keeps you busy! Delivering to homes and offices across 75 locations in Bangalore, we aim to deliver hygienically cooked meals regularly and promptly. Our diabetic meal plans are curated for those individuals who aim to eat healthy even in their busy hectic lives. We include all those food ingredients that are low on calories yet nutritious for your body. Keeping variety in mind, we bring you several options that can match your moods and cravings. Our communities of talented chefs are always there to prepare the right meals for you!

All you need to do is select the delivery area and have a look at the available options, choose the right meal subscription plan as per your needs and get the food delivered to your doorstep. You are always free to choose either from the chef crafted menu or place a custom request according to your taste with a detailed description of the nutritional content of your food.

Right meals for employees!

For those who work in tech parks and MNCs, Oota Box can just be the perfect option for you! Studies show that there are many employees in almost every office who are diabetic. Stress, hectic work life and overeating of junk food can be the main reasons for this health condition. We suggest you choose healthy alternatives at work instead of opting for unhealthy burgers, fried snacks. pizzas and biryanis. Though these are good to satisfy your cravings, the long-term effects of these food items can be detrimental for your health.

Available options

To help you choose the right meals at work, we offer an array of salads, sandwiches, veggie snacks, yogurt and fruits. The food items are healthy, home cooked and also yummy to satiate your food cravings whilst being healthy as well and for this all you need to do is preorder the meals you wish to have. Employees can always create a food pool amongst themselves and order food collectively from us, thereby reducing food wastage. It can also reduce the cost to a considerable extent.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the array of fresh homemade meals that would be delivered to your doorstep. We deliver across Bangalore, our freshly made meals are beneficial for your health! For people looking to live a healthy lifestyle and control their diabetes, our diabetic meal plans can be the first step to stay fit and healthy!

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