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Cooking is one of the healthiest hobbies one can pursue and joining a Home chef network will help in case if one is looking at selling food. Cooking gives you a sense of peace and satisfaction that not many other activities can give you. Picking out your ingredients, storing them, cleaning them and then actually cooking them is incredibly satisfying. Cooking your own food gives you a much better understanding about food as well. You may have only recently discovered your love for cooking after watching a cooking show or it may have always been in you. As passionate as you are about cooking, you may be wondering whether or not to turn your passion into your profession. Here are some reasons you should consider it :

It will boost your confidence

Flourishing in any field that you are really good at and passionate about boosts your self confidence immensely. It improves your self esteem. After spending time and effort on cooking the dish you want to, when it finally comes together, there is no better feeling. Once you turn this into your profession, you can see the delight on your customers faces as well. Cooking for friends, family or even hungry travellers is always satisfying. But when strangers start to appreciate your food you will be delighted. Good reviews from customers will urge you to keep getting better and give you great pride in what you're doing. Making money from this will seem a secondary delight.

Better connection with food

Cooking on a larger scale than just yourself or your family will give you a better connection with food. Procuring the raw ingredients, storing them, finding new and faster ways to cook them will give you a much better understanding of cooking. Going shopping for your ingredients will help you discover new foods and give you a more raw understanding of food. You will discover different markets for different types food, rather than looking for a one stop destination for all your food needs. Cooking for other food lovers will help you understand others taste buds better and expand your palate as well. 

It makes you more creative

Trying out new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients will make you a lot more creative. Cooking doesn't have to be done strictly by the book. You can tinker with little things and even come up with your own delicious recipes. You can use customer feedback to work on it further or maybe work on something else new. Once you start your home food business you can even come up with creative ways to market it, spread the word around using multiple platforms and by joining a home chef network. In this way, cooking can really get your creative juices flowing as a home chef. Rather than just sticking to recipes from India you can start to look for more. Look at delicious new recipes from around the world. Whether it is Singapore, Italy or Canada, you will no doubt get a lot more creative with your own cooking.

Photographer: Randy Fath | Source: Unsplash

Financial independence

You may not be financial dependent on someone else without your food venture. But if you are, starting a home food business will give you immense joy and a sense of independence. The financial aspect of starting a home food business can never be underestimated. It is a profit motivated venture after all. Once your business starts doing well and you start making good money you can discover a lot more about yourself as a home chef. Investing back into your business is also something you can do by yourself which will give you great motivation to work harder than ever before!

Join a home chef network – Makes you a better entrepreneur

Starting any business will give you entrepreneurship skills and experience that no business school can. Entrepreneurship is so ingrained in the culture of India. Home food businesses are not the biggest ventures one can start. Even so, you will realise how much work is actually put into getting your business off the ground. Allocating your budget for the different expenses that you need to undertake will give you a great business mind. Getting involved in the marketing of your business on multiple platforms like Oota Box will give you an insight into another valuable area of expertise.   

Helps you meet other like minded people

During the course of your venture you will inevitably meet other home chefs in the home chef network. Keeping your staff happy( if you have any), keeping your customers happy, seeking feedback from others, and meeting other chefs will help a lot. It will help you improve your interpersonal skills and also give you a different perspective on what you're doing. Following your passion in life always opens new doors and cooking may do just for you!

Starting your home food business may seem like a daunting task at first. But we, at Oota Box want to help you help us and pursue your passion as well. We'll provide you with the support, sales and delivery, and you provide us with tasty homemade food!

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