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Food questions, a new feature on Oota Box.

Our community of chefs and bingers on Oota Box grows on a daily basis. We work hard with our Oota Box community to offer the best possible Home cooked food options.

One of our most sort after oferings are the ability to customize a meal based on the taste and preferences. You can read more about it here  here

Today we are giving our network of chefs an option to showcase their knowledge and passion with the entire Oota Box community by starting a food questions and answers series that they can contribute to.

How it works:

  1. We gather food questions at large and post them.
  2. Registered chefs can post answers to the questions.
  3. We review the answers and publish.
  4. We would link your profile as the primary contributor and give a direct link to your store (list of product on Oota Box)

How does it help:

Each contribution adds a small online impression, linked to your profile, hence giving you more visibility and improves your chances of getting more recognition and orders.

How to get started & next steps:

  1. Each time we post a food question, we will notify you via email / sms with the respective link in it.
  2. You need to login, post your answer.
  3. You will know once your answer goes live.

Please write to us on support@ootabox.com for more details or feedback.


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