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Are you looking for a Food Buddy near you?

If you are one of those people who often like trying out new food options, creating a request on Oota Box will be a good start to host food experiences at your location.

  1. How it works?I’m a Home chef
    -This option is for home cooks who want to share their meal, either for free or for a fee.
    -Home cooks may choose to offer places at their table to eat together with their foodie community members by selecting the “places available” option when they add their listing.
    -Cooking in larger portions reduces food waste, is more cost effective and gives home cooks an opportunity to
    -Make a little extra money while preparing a meal they are making for their family anyway.
    -Make organic food available to community members for an affordable price.
    -Allow aspiring caterers take the first step in selling their kitchen before embarking in their new business.
    -Reduce food and energy waste.
    -Allows travelers to enjoy local cuisine when traveling abroad or in other regions of the country.
  2. I’m Hungry and looking for a food buddy near me –  If you do not cook and you want to avoid unhealthy fast-food, do not have the time to cook or are traveling and would like to enjoy a local home cooked meal this is the option for you.
  • If you are looking for dining in your area you can post a listing to help identify local cooks and make new food buddies as part of the experience.
  • You could also enter your culinary preference and your budget. By adding a specific listing there is no need to visit the site daily in search of new cooks, and the more “I’m Hungry” listings there are, the more cooks are motivated to feed you!

sPlease fill the below form and mention what your preferences, our team will get in touch with you to assist.

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