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Eat local, Feel local is our latest addition to the services available to the Oota Box community!

When you are travelling, the best way to catch the real essence of a place is when you learn about the culture, people and of course, the food! How do you do it when the place is new and unknown?

Well, we know you could use some help. Hence, we have brought together a bunch of food lovers who have been there, done that and experienced it all. Based on your preferences, we match you to the local food guides, more to say, a culinary adventure junkie who would love to guide you in hunting down the hidden “must-go-to” food joints. They know what you will relish and what are the “must trys”!

Whether you want to reconnect with your own heritage through its food, or want to dive deeper into your passion for a particular cuisine or country, the perfect culinary experience is waiting for you on OBTrip.

So, get ready to live an unforgettable food journey where ever you go.

Travel like you should, with OBTrip!

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