Easy ways to keep up your New Year Food Resolutions

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It’s a New Year and a new start! We are sure most of us want to improve our life and health as new year begins.

In a recent survey, 85% of respondents said they are resolving to improve their eating habits. Out of them, 70% of them who made a similar resolution in the past, only 32% stuck to their resolution for long term and changed their overall eating habits. Let’s hope many more of us stick with our goals this year!

If you have started to wonder what kind of New Year food resolutions resolutions to make, here are some of the simple ways of keeping up New Year food resolutions.

Make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast every day

Try this 1-2-3 punch: 1) protein to wake you up; 2) a little carbohydrate for instant energy; and 3) a little fat to feel satisfied.

Vary your fitness routine

If you have been walking, try jogging. If you have been using light weights, increase your repetitions. By varying your routine, you will not only keep yourself from becoming bored, you will challenge your body in new, exciting ways.

Have a Power Packed meal

Instead of sandwiches, build your plate around salads, veggies which are rich in fibers and protein. You will lighten your calories, and avoid a mid-afternoon slump. Are you too busy to make your own breakfast, lunch or dinner? We can help you with fresh and healthy authentically home cooked food.

Try something new

Try new, in-season fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks that you haven’t tried before. Aim to try something new each week! Changing your lifestyle adds so much more fun.

Add little exercises into your workday

It may sound a very tough task to take some time out on a weekday where the days are fully packed with meetings topped with traffic jams. Park your vehicle far from your office building entrance, or get some extra steps in your day. Keen on hitting to gym? You can request a trial on Gymer where you can work out anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

All of us at Oota Box want to encourage you to keep up your New Year food resolutions and healthy lifestyle. You will notice small changes over time and will inspire those around you!

We wish you a very Happy New Year!

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