Appetizers to main course here are delicious eventful party dishes

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Hosting a party for a birthday bash, a baby shower or as a casual gathering. These dishes bring eventful joy to your party vibe. You will be glad to come across all these party dishes (appetizers and the main course). After all, you won’t be required to have a brain fade for your upcoming party, as we provide plenty of ideas to dig around. Making your “addicted loved ones” and guests to really get addicted, and copy the recipes in their party too. Feeling you maintain the anonymity and press over the recipes.

A great party not only accounts for ambiance, guests and the brews. But food and fun bring the soul to it.

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We are excited about everything that’s to come and you can’t wait to share those happenings with others!. We will be posting an article about how to host a party so stay tuned for the next blog. With all that said let’s hop into the delicious recipes. Sit back, relax and scroll through this delicious collection of the best Indian party dishes.

Delicious party dishes (appetizer) for your event

Pakora or pakoda or fritters are an alternative to onion fritters, similar to onions, cabbage fritters give a crispy feeling and a flavor to them. These make a great snack anytime. Especially when served with chutney they taste incredibly delicious. Treat and surprise your guests with these mouth-watering cabbage pakora.

When it comes to preparing an easy and a quick snack, the potato will be your go-to vegetable. There is something comforting about it, even corn can be a comforting snack to mess around with. Corn fritters are crisper on the outside and softer from the inside. These appetizers are a must for a get-together. One can even try the combination of potato and corn fritters, which gives an even crisp. Might also turn out to be your fav combination.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”T9r73″ via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]A combination of potato and corn for your patties gives them a even crisp[/ctt]

With the generous flavoring of the egg and lamb, this flavor-rich kabab will surely hit the receptors of your brain. This can also induce as an entree if you are interested in converting it as a roll.

A starter passed from a tree of generations, every individual will like some peanut chat or masala. A hint of lime, the sweet tomato berries make it an all-time favorite snack to munch. And the crunchiness of the peanuts makes it more flavourful for your guests.

Mostly used as a fasting food across India, Lotus seeds can be used for desserts, curries or starters. Know to be light on your stomach. These roasted Lotus seeds provide your guests with plenty of options to try others dishes too.

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Delicious party dishes (main course) for your event

It’s very rare that people hope for a vegetable biryani at a get-together. And primarily chicken biryani is what most guests crave for, so let the chicken biryani be at the top of our list and we anticipate the same with you. Unlike the restaurants who serve the rice and the chicken masala curry apart. A biryani should be cooked together with the meat and the rice. The spices, the meat flavor, and the fat content makes the biryani and the masala taste heavenly.

The best healthy food for your guests and tasty as well. This chole rajma channa curry is inseparably delicious and healthy for your elderly guests and health conscious people too. Indian bread or plain pulao goes really well with this dish. This curry packs the nutrients and a jaw-dropping taste to it.

A thin watery, very spicy southern Indian soup, goes well with rice or can be used as drink too. Typically eaten at the end of every meal, this Indian soup is a digestive comforter. Being watery and spicy (Depends on the ingredients), rasam is an all-time soup Indians love to rejoice after every meal. But the combination of a well-made rasam and rice can never beat the guests taste buds like other dishes do.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”3Fb9_” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Rasam and rice is a lot like a family, each ingredient enhances the others; each variation of has it’s own character to it; every rasam needs time to simmer to reach full flavor [/ctt]

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If the biryani is present at the top of the main course then chicken curry has a place at your party place likewise. Going well with the Indian bread (if not too spicy) and plain rice(if it is spicy). Chicken curry is a dish no one like to barter trade with any of the others.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”qhC27″ via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]I would never trade my chicken curry to another, cause that’s how delicious it tastes[/ctt]

And, with all these delicious party dishes from the great appetizers to the savory main course. We can’t forget the Indian bread like roti, naans or kulchas or rather paranthas too. Besides them, there are hundreds of mouthwatering Indian desserts to watch out and the simplest ones to serve your guests. Watch for our next blog to know the Indian Sweets and their speciality.


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