Cooking without fire - What are the dishes we can cook for kids without using fire?

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Whenever we consider cooking without fire recipes, Sandwich is something that comes to our mind. Sandwiches are also far healthier snacks than deep fried snacks. You may enjoy them anytime without having to worry about calories along with other health problems. Many Sandwich recipes could be made with no use of flame or fire. Yes, no flame in any way, and they taste good too! – We all love making such recipes in our kitchens, so we thought it would be good to share them.

Therefore, heres the list of sandwiches that may be made without fire.

Chutney Sandwich – This is among the simplest fireless sandwich in the world. All that you need is a chutney and pieces of bread. Yup, thats about it! – Clearly, if the electrical power use is not allowed during opponents, you might utilize dry coconut chutney or Kolhapuri Thecha too.  Spread some chutney at the top of the slices of bread. Cover it with some other slice of bread. Serve instantly with ketchup.

Steak Candles – Another basic fireless sandwich recipe! – If you don’t have plenty of time to prepare grilled or toast sandwich, then this simple butter sandwich may definitely keep your belly full for many hours. Take a tablespoon of butter and use it on the bread pieces. Cover it with another slice and cut into diagonal form. TADA!

Cheese Sandwich – For those who don’t like Butter Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich may be a good choice. Grate some cheese and keep it apart. Take a piece of bread and then add the grated cheese to top of it. Sprinkle some chaat garam masala, pepper powder, and chili flakes. Cover it with another slice of bread. You can utilize any kind of cheese to create this fireless sandwich.

Cucumber Sandwich – during summer time, cucumbers can genuinely help in retaining water content inside your body. And there’s no better way to beat the heat than enjoying a number of cucumber sandwich for breakfast. Cut cucumber in small slices. Spread butter and green chutney at the top of the slices of bread. Place the cucumber pieces on one bread piece and sprinkle some chaat garam masala and pepper powder. Cover it with another piece and then cut the sandwich into desired sizes.

Recommended Variations: Tomato Sandwich – Capsicum Sandwich – Onion Sandwich – Veg. Cheese Sandwich – Veg. Cheese Sandwich is among the hot selling sandwiches in India, and it would be challenging to find a Sandwich vendor who does not offer this kind of Sandwich on his store. But hey, you may easily make this tasty sandwich without flame and funky equipment at home.

You can pack these light and healthy sandwiches for your kid’s lunchbox.

List of dishes for kids that can be cooked without fire, suggested by our home chefs on Oota Box.

Click on each chef’s store link to see the dishes they sell on Oota Box.

Anisha khandelwal: https://ootabox.com/vendor/anisha-khandelwal/

Chocolava cake with biscuit
Biscuit pudding
Bread cake
Creamy fruit salad

Mini Nair:

Pinaeapple cubes with cherry and cheese on a toothpick.

Desi Spice World

Fruit salads
Cornflakes and other cereals
Sushi rolls


Milk shakes & fruit juices

Priyanka: https://ootabox.com/vendor/priyanka/

Vegetable sandwich – Putting mayoniss with cucumber and onion, fruit cream by putting with a lot of fruits.


Fruit Pani Puri(party dish)
Grated vegetables mixed with mayo dressing in sandwiches or even buns
Corn chat
Vadapao instead of vada cucumber and tomatoes filling with some dressing. Boiled eggs with mayo and English mustard salad

Pallabi panda: https://ootabox.com/vendor/pallabis-kitchen/

Sprout salad


Ice creams
Fresh Fruit Juices

Raksha NE: https://ootabox.com/vendor/raksha-ne/

Dry fruits laadu binded with honey

Radha H S:

Chats- Bhel puri
Sprouts and vegetables salad (healthy)
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream

Neha Gupta:

vegetable and fruits salads
Cold cucumber soup
Cold sandwiches
Sprouts salads

Vijaya Bose: https://ootabox.com/vendor/veegee/

Veg salad
Fruit salad
Variety Flakes mixed with jaggery plus sugar/coconut/cardamom
Baked Products

Sumathi Rangarajan : https://ootabox.com/vendor/sumathi/

Making ladoo with oats, coconut, badam, jaggery and bind all with few drops of chocolate syrup and make ladoos and dust it with biscuit powder (optional) .

Nishat khan:

Sandwiches with veggies like spinach, corn cheese, cucumber, carrots, tomato and many more you can add as per your choice.
Bread n jam rolls
Fruit shakes
Fruit salads
Dessert like bread pudding; bread soaked in cream/milk and topped with tropical fruits.
Flavored yogurt with honey, oats, and fruits

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