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Living alone or away from your parents is a big step. Rent, cleaning your house and cooking your own food makes you realise how incapable you are of actually taking care of yourself.  Cooking your own food is probably the hardest of the lot.

Cooking healthy food is probably the hardest of the lot. Finding the right recipes, buying the ingredients and cooking it to perfection isn't all that easy. Ordering takeaway food every single day isn't the most healthy or budget friendly option either. But eating healthy on a regular basis should not be compromised that easily.

Food for students – Why you should eat healthy

Just as your body needs nutrition, so does your brain. Maintaining good health goes beyond just the body. Your body needs quite a bit of fuel too.

College days can be quite busy and you need to give your body the right food to keep up your energy levels. Eating unhealthy snacks and meals on a regular basis can lead to a lot of health complications.

French fries, sugary snacks and other junk food are terrible for your whole body. They lead to unhealthy weight gain and increase in blood sugar. Heart diseases, cancer, early ageing, high blood pressure, bone problems, diabetes, mental disorders, memory loss, digestive system problems are some of the common problems that an unhealthy diet can cause.

Cutting down on the junk food and maintaining a balanced diet will definitely improve your mental agility and benefit your whole body. When you do have a certain craving, look a good alternative that comes closest to the food you crave.

Feta cheese is a good alternative to regular cheese. Peanut butter sandwiches and crunchy granola bars are healthy and tasty. You can even use a dip like hummus to make your food tastier.

Best brain foods

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Low fat dairy products like yogurt are very good sources of vitamin B and vitamin D. It will help you concentrate better. Oatmeal is a great brain food. Oats are whole grains. It is digested very slowly which gives the brain steady energy. Blueberries boost brain power as well. It improves learning and memory and is packed with antioxidants.

Oily fish like salmon and walnuts are very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy fats and are great for the brain. Dark chocolate is great for the brain as well. It helps increase blood flow to the brain.

Veggies like spinach, broccoli and brussels sprouts are all very good sources of folate which is crucial for brain function. Beans are absolutely great for your brain. They are rich in protein, magnesium and B vitamins. All these nutrients are great for your brain health. They also have a lot of fiber and complex carbohydrates. This means it'll take longer for you to digest and you'll benefit from them throughout the day.

Brown rice is a very good source of protein and carbs as well and will provide you with brain power throughout the day. Coffee or energy drinks that contains caffeine will definitely help you concentrate better. Try to keep the caffeine down to a minimum though.

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Oota Box offers you a variety of menus of delicious, healthy, hygienic food. If you are too busy to cook your meals, try placing a request on Oota Box. Rather than consume unhealthy food, look at a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options that will benefit your overall health.

You can even subscribe for a week or month, rather than just pay for a single week. Cut down on expensive takeaways that will harm your health. You can even customize a dish for your individual taste buds. You can select dishes that are oil free, gluten free or as per any other dietary requirement. If you are allergic to certain foods you can even customize your food according to that.

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