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Are you looking for a home-cooked catering service to serve at your team lunch? Do you want to order bulk meals, from home chefs, for a party? Are you bored of serving the same old meals at events and looking for something different? Look no further than Oota Box! We deliver delicious home-cooked meals straight from home chefs to your doorstep! Right from corporate lunches to meals at events, it is important to serve food that people can savor and appreciate. A great way to achieve this is by serving home-cooked meals that will strike a chord with employees, colleagues, clients, and guests! With a steady rise in the number of home cooks looking to cater to commercial establishments, it is now extremely easy to find catering service in Bangalore. Be it meals, sweets or snacks, if you are looking for home chefs who offer catering services to corporate, offices, start-ups and events, you have landed on the right page! To create a request, simply fill the form here, or take a look at home cooks in your area, and choose from their menu and voila! Hot home cooked food will be delivered to your office or venue in no time! If you are a chef and wish to partner with us, register now. For more information on bulk, online catering services, read on!

Catering service for corporates and events

Arranging lunch at corporate meetings and events can seem like a gruelling task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little help from Oota Box, it can be a breeze! To help you find the best homemade meals, we have a selection of food caterers who whip up delicious options. Depending on the number of people who will be served at the event, you can pick meals and we will deliver them to your address, at your chosen time. Our chefs can customize meal plans to help you serve meals that appeal to a wide palate of preferences!

Catering service for offices

Who doesn’t love the sight of a lunchbox at lunchtime? And what better than a hot home-cooked meal inside! Oota Box will help office employees choose from a pool of home chefs who prepare Dabba meals. You do not have to worry about carrying a lunch box to the office every day and have a Dabba waiting for you at the table, with a steaming hot meal contained within! We will make sure the meal reaches you promptly so that you don’t waste any time to dig in and enjoy! What’s more, our chefs will customize options for employees looking to pool meals. We can arrange Dabbas for the entire office. Employees can choose from one-time orders, weekly or monthly meal plans.

Catering service for parties

Throwing a party, organizing a Puja or welcoming surprise guests? Need homemade meals delivered, pronto? No worries! We deliver home cooked food to those looking to serve delectable meals to guests at parties, pujas and other special occasions. If you are bored of serving the same old menu at birthdays and welcome a much-needed change, then order delicious home-cooked meals that will surprise your guests! Our selection of small party caterers in Bangalore will cook up finger licking meals that will leave you and guests wanting more! We make sure hot meals reach the venue on time and you have the pleasure of serving guests homemade meals without the hassle of cooking it yourself! Create a request to know the options in your area and decide on a menu that your guests will love!   Take a look at some of the popular events, where we carry out catering in Bangalore!
  • Baby Showers
  • Barbeque
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • House Warming
  • Snack Boxes
  • Society Events
  • Puja Celebrations
  • Office Party
  • Product Launches
  • Working Lunches
  • Family Day
  • Annual Day
  Here is a list of cuisines you can choose from!
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • North Indian
  • Continental
  • Italian
  • Mexican
Our goal is to help home cooks carry out bulk orders and strive to deliver fresh, hot meals to your doorstep. Needless to say, we encourage more and more home cooks to join hands with us and win over customers with their delectable menus. Our customers not only love the seamless experience of ordering from us but also the steaming hot, yummy meals we deliver to offices, homes, schools, colleges and many more! Just fill up the below form with your requirement details, sit back and relax. We will work on getting the best caterer for you!

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