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Meet Oota Box

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Our Journey

Roots in Bangalore, 2017
8,000+ Home Chefs
Expanded to UAE

Our Future

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Who We Are

We’re more than just a home-cooked food discovery service; we’re the beating heart of a network that unites food lovers with the unsung heroes of the kitchen, our home chefs. Started by self-taught entrepreneur, Srikanth Balakumar, we’re the rallying cry for authentic, heartwarming, home-cooked meals that delight your palate and nourish your soul.

Our Story

Our journey started in the dynamic city of Bangalore, India, where ‘Oota’ translates to ‘Lunch/Dinner’. Since 2017, we’ve carved out a niche in the culinary world, bridging home kitchens with over 11,000 users, including diverse teams from industry powerhouses like Amazon, Coca-Cola, HP, and Zerodha. With a network of 8,000+ home chefs spanning 70+ locations, and recently venturing into the United Arab Emirates, we’re just warming up.

Our Mission

At Oota Box, our guiding principle is to ‘Navigate the world of home-cooked food with confidence.’ Our mission isn’t just to bring the heart of home-cooked food to your table; it’s to empower our invaluable chefs. We’re not just a platform, but a vibrant community inviting you to partake in the endless pursuit of exceptional home-cooked food.

Our Promise

Our commitment goes beyond fresh, hygienic, and nutritious food. We’re ardent about supporting our chefs in their culinary journeys. We believe in technology’s transformative power and have pledged to keep our platform free for every home chef, offering advanced features at an affordable cost as they scale up their culinary businesses.

Looking Ahead

Fasten your seatbelts! We’re gearing up for a mouth-watering adventure with a host of exciting features for our platform. With ‘Expert Listings’, culinary professionals can offer their specialized services, guides, and courses to food business owners and food lovers. Our ‘Chef Experiences’ give home chefs the platform to host cooking classes, tasting events, and themed meals from their homes. Food lovers can immerse themselves in these unique experiences, creating a lively community around our shared love for food.


In the spirit of collaborative growth, we’re launching ‘Cookbook Collaborations’, empowering our chefs to publish and sell their signature recipes on our platform. Along with being a potential revenue source for our chefs, this opens up a world of culinary treasures for our customers. We’re also cultivating partnerships between home chefs and local farms, sourcing fresh produce for our chefs and bolstering local agriculture.


In the pipeline is our exciting ‘Recipe Licensing and Sales’ feature. This initiative allows the licensing of popular dishes from our chefs to other businesses, like local restaurants or food companies, providing broader recognition to our chefs and expanding their business opportunities.


As we stir up more innovations, our commitment remains focused on creating a dynamic, interactive, and supportive ecosystem for our chefs and patrons. So, stay tuned for more flavor-filled surprises at Oota Box!

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