Have You Tried These 5 Indian Soups Before

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Soups are the best antidotes for a number of concerns. From congestion and common cold to a laid back Sunday evening, a hot bowl of soup can uplift your mood, perspective and get you refreshed. Also, soups are some of the simplest dishes to prepare. With a few basic ingredients in your home, you can prepare a broth, clear, or a thick soup that meets your palate. However, most of us are only familiar with soups like sweet corn, manchow, Minestrone and others we would find in fine-dines. India has its own heritage of soups and this article is all about bringing them to light. Consider this post to be an appetizer for appetizers!


Rasam is a very popular soup kind of accompaniment to rice in South India, especially Tamil Nadu. While most people associate sambar with Tamil Nadu, rasam is its less popular cousin. Apart from being a tangy accompaniment, rasam is also a soothing bowl of soup that is made of tamarind, tomato, drumsticks, pepper and ginger. There are other variants to rasam like the ones made with pineapple (yes), lemon, mango, watermelon, neem-flower, coconut and more. On a rainy day, one bowl of rasam could take you to Hogwarts!

Lemon and Coriander Soup

Lemon and coriander soup can be considered as India’s answer to Tom Yum soup. With ingredients like lemon, cabbage (julienne cut), coriander, carrot and garlic going down the bowl, your daily dose of Vitamin C is replenished with this one special soup. Thanks to this, you can now resort to this soup every time you are down with cold, congestion or sinus and prevent such instances during winter.


You might have seen this soup in fine-dine restaurants with their expensive price tags. But these bowls of happiness are as Indian as they get. Mulligatawny is to India as to how Minestrone is to Italy. Got it?

A legacy loved by the British officers during their occupancy in India, Mulligtawny brings together culinary traditions of the then Madras and the British. It is made of ingredients like rice, dal, tomatoes, carrots, coconut milk, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and India’s very own dash of masalas. The name is also a compound word, where mulliga means herbs and tawny means water.

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Palak Shorba

Talking about Indian soups and not including dishes of Mughal origins? That cannot happen, right? Well, we have palak shorba to fill the space, with its rich infusion of leafy vegetables. Palak shorba is a creamy soup that is made of spinach, milk, mint and freshly cut ginger.

Now shorba is a Persian term that describes the use of meat, lentils, yogurt, tomato and coriander. Some of the other variants of palak shorba include tomato shorba, Kashmir gosh-t yakhni shorba, moong dal shorba and more.

Raw Mango Soup

Also known as the Kaireechi Saar, this soup is one of the most prominent bowls in Maharashtra’s Konkan regions. It is one of the few soups that quite beautifully blends the palates of sweetness and sourness together to pack a punch. Made with raw mango, jaggery and coconut milk, this soup is an appetizer and accompaniment to rice.

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