5 best chicken breast recipes from India

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Chicken breast recipes are the go to dishes for health conscious people. For all the people out there who are working on a fitness diet, waistline trimmers and people who are looking for a healthy meal without much fuzz about extra oil in their dishes. Chicken itself is a healthy meal, when it comes that extra healthy bit, focusing only on certain part of a chicken to gain that extra protein will help.

Chicken breast recipes that indulge in baking or grilling them without much oil or greasy stuff on them. Makes your dishes made out of chicken breasts a healthy option. Baked or grilled chicken serves as an excellent source of high quality protein. For those who are following a restricted calorie diet might require to remove the skin. It’s advisable to stop consuming fried or deep fried chicken, which boosts the meat’s fat content. While adding extra masala and pre-packed chicken can boost in the intake of blood-pressure rising sodium in your body.

The advisable way to consume healthy chicken breasts recipes are when the meat is either baked, grilled or boiled (without much masala)

5 best chicken breast recipes form the Indian cook book

Indian spiced grilled chicken

When it comes to consuming chicken, skinless, boneless, night after night from a fitness point of view might start to be boring. Since chicken breasts are naturally lean, they tend to dry out pretty quickly. When the dinner time clocks by, heat up the oven or fire up a grill and toss those masala absorbed chicken. For better taste, marinade those chicken thighs or breasts overnight.

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Zero-oil chicken curry

If whole chicken breasts are you way to have some delicious meat, then chunking them into cubes is very well suitable. Unlike hundreds of restaurants where the oil, just floats atop of the curry. Most Indian households weigh in for a minimal oil or zero oil at all. If you are one among them, then check out the zero-oil chicken curry recipe.

Stuffed chicken breasts

Baking some delicious stuffed chicken breasts in a healthy way with minimum amount of oil. Stuffing those chicken with a few sun dried tomatoes,cheese and spinach makes them tasty and delicious. One of the simplest and hassle free preparations are stuffed sun dried tomatoes chicken breast recipe. Making it a ready to win dinner, along with a few steamed or roasted beans can make this dish taste even more better.

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A classic whole chicken roast

The whole chicken serves the purpose of consuming chicken breasts and other parts of the meat. This classic whole chicken roast can either be baked or grilled, whichever suits you best. If baked, the whole chicken can be immersed along with few vegetables.

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Grilled herb chicken with honey and asparagus

If someone asks you what goes well with asparagus, then chicken breasts are you answer. But asparagus are a nice addition to any kind of meal. A few sliced herbs such as cilantro/coriander, mint leaves, lemon grass, pepper, thyme and lemon juice or lemons.

Honey which acts as a natural sweetener mild’s up the dish among the various herbs. Grilled chicken breast recipe along with honey, herbs and asparagus is a healthy meal on any given day. Be it for the dinner, lunch or a brunch.

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