3 way to perfect corporate food delivery and bring in additional revenue

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For home chefs, corporate food delivery is a valuable way to attract a wider range of hungry clients and bring in additional revenue. But delivery is not one size fits all.

Much like deliveries to clients homes, there are lots of important considerations to make with regards to food delivery to offices or other big groups. When done right, one may reap the benefits: greater value ticket dimensions from faithful and high frequency customers.

Here are three suggestions to perfect corporate food delivery:

Perfect your stock management practices.

Before diving into corporate food delivery, make sure your home kitchen’s inventory management practices are up to par.

With corporate clients, anticipation for precision and credibility are high – these clients tend to be currently ordering on behalf of others individuals and the food needs to be prepared at a time for an event or meeting.

Don’t end up with a group command just to realize at the last minute that they are out of an ingredient. You want tools and procedures in place that give a precise look at supply levels and items need to be reordered.

Foster relationships from the corporate community.

Among the first measures to successful food delivery is generating consciousness with the right people. Lots of office buildings have on the site property managers or janitors that you ought to communicate with to help get the word out about your delivery solutions.

These contacts may act as crucial intermediaries for allowing corporate renters know about your menu or particular group promotions through construction newsletters, e-mail distributions or elevator ads.

Consider an on-line ordering platform.

For clients, convenience is king. By partnering with an on-line ordering platform such as Oota Box, you can ensure efficient delivery and improve your kitchen’s productivity.

Online ordering systems make it simpler to convey orders with many things without having to worry about mobile service or background noise from the workplace.

Platforms such as Oota Box even provide corporate accounts to take the hassle of business food ordering and billing.

Features like consolidated invoicing, customized checkout pages and easy group draw big groups and companies and give them a reason to purchase again.

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