9 Common Food Myths

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When it comes to what types of foods you should and shouldn’t be eating, answers can often be difficult to come by.these are the 9 food myths as follows 

Frozen food is less nutritious than fresh food

One of the most prevalent food-related myths is that fresh food is always healthier and more nutritious than frozen. This isn’t the case. In fact, frozen fruits and vegetables are often ‘flash frozen’ within a few hours of being picked, locking in their freshness.frozen food can often be the healthier and more nutritious option. And that’s on top of that fact that frozen food is often cheaper and easier to store than fresh.

-Packaged foods are bad for your health

Some packaged foods, in particular frozen fruit and veg, low-fat yogurt, and packaged brown rice can all contribute towards a healthy balanced diet.

Supplements are fine as a substitute for a poor diet

This myth. It’s not possible to compensate for a poor diet simply by taking vitamins. So instead of spending your spare cash on costly vitamins, use it on foods that will keep you fit and healthy, such as lean red meats and poultry, whole grains, unrefined brown rice, nuts, seeds, oily fish and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

-All packaged foods are high in salt

Nowadays, people are becoming far more attuned to their salt intake, and food manufacturers know this. That’s why over the past few years many packaged foods have drastically reduced their salt content in some cases cutting it out altogether.To further cut down your salt intake try to avoid adding salt to meals unless you’re making them from scratch

-You need eight glasses of water per day to stay healthy

Of course water is an essential part of any diet, but the amount of water you need to consume per day isn’t a constant. On hot days, for instance, or after drinking alcohol.you’ll need more water than usual in order to fend off dehydration.

-Don’t worry about the food, worry about the calories

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet  calories are important. However just as important is the nutritional value of the food you’re eating.It’s better to eat a plateful of different-coloured vegetables than one slice of white bread even if both contain the same number of calories

-Bananas contain far too much sugar to be part of a healthy diet

Despite their reputation as a sweet, high-energy fruit containing more sugar than a bag of sherbet, bananas in fact only contain a few more grams of sugar than apples, oranges, and most other fruits you care avoid  overboard on your banana intake simply that there’s no need to avoid them.

-When dining at a restaurant you should always go for the salad

Fat-filled dressings, deep-fried croutons, and other ingredients can often turn salads into an unhealthy option. Instead, try to stick to grilled protein sources and avoid anything deep-fried in order to eat out more healthily.Unfortunately due to the way many restaurants prepare their salads this isn’t always a good idea.

-The speed you eat at has no bearing on how much you consume

This is definitely a myth. Eating too quickly can and will lead to overeating. This is all down to the amount of time the brain takes to register that your stomach is full which can take anything up to 20 minutes. So take time to eat more slowly enjoy your food, and don’t rush it. And, if you really want to get the most out of mealtimes try our ‘plate’ technique. Divide you plate into two and place your veggies on one half, your protein in one of the remaining quarters, and your carbs in the other quarter. Start off by eating your veg then move onto the protein, and finally the carbs. This way if you do feel full before the meal’s over you’ll only be missing out on carbs and not on any of the nutritious vegetables.


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