2018's way of reaching out for food

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Trends start with the inception of fine-dining and ethnic restaurants. Where the food is unique in the way it’s presented and tastes. Food dishes don’t have to be expensive, but just has to bring the richest flavors once you take the bite.

These trends perpetually tend to move all over the places form the social media chefs to eating healthy while just not enjoying the food alone. Although the satisfaction of consuming a home meal can never be compared to anything.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”7f1tc” via=”yes” ]Particularly right now, 2018 is about going back to retro tastes and that your taste-buds always have dreamed of.[/ctt]

2018’s way of reaching out for food

  • Heading back towards your flavor roots

Every one likes to try all the cuisines they can. The flavors that most indulgently gave your taste buds a wack will always be from the place your childhood started to take place. In Bangalore there are a ton of cuisines you could give a try though you might be satisfied. That experience of tasting a meal made by your relatives or from your hometown is a no match.

  • Cooking like the social media chefs

From the past ten years technology has fasten a lot, people around the world use these social media platforms to reach their audience.This allows them to share their creativity among others with out physically meeting them. Unlike the old school chefs on the television who take ages to finish a meal while consider the advertising too. For this generation of people its always the fast moving pace, where time is money. Social media platforms like pinterest , tasty and youtube provide individuals to learn to prep a meal in minutes.

  • Online table reservation

The purpose of going to a restaurant for majority of Indians is only good food. Very rarely it is about the whole experience. Thus, we are not very selective about restaurants and cuisine. “If we do not get a place in a desired restaurant, we will go the next door.” Though like many other things, the change is slowly coming.

Here are a few apps Opentable , Dineout , Eatigo

  •  Experience 

Nowadays restaurants and online food delivery platforms are focusing on the experience more than the food itself. Perhaps this can be seen as a success for them. 2018 will see more of the front house or the front mapping on a online service, which mainly focuses on attracting the consumers at a first glance. Of course the menu will be great, but it is the overall experience that matters.

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