15 Satisfying soul food recipes of India

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Let’s chalk talk about the 15 satisfying soul food recipes of India. Soul food is varied of cuisine and the soul food recipes have its origins from the USA. Soul food is a cuisine that touches your heart while you tip your tangling tastebuds with every bite of it. The actuality of soul food started in the most common areas of the slaved states of America. The world can holler that soul food is prepared from your heart. That being said, India has its varied nature of preparing food and that comes from the hearts of the homemakers.

15 Satisfying soul food recipes of India

  • Murgh makhani / Butter Chicken

The go-to dish, while you are hungry and want to savor the sweetness of those tomatoes and the spices with the chicken. A hint of butter or maybe more is your choice. Better the quantity of butter, better the dish. Lesser the butter, more the conscious about your health. Be healthy and taste all the variations of butter chicken.

Click here for the recipe

  • Dal Tadka

One of the simplest and the easiest recipes of the Indian cooking. This lentil curry contains the highest iron content among the Indian curries. Every individual can shout out dal tadka as best soul food recipes of India.

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  • Maharashtrian eggplant/brinjal curry

For the best taste of brinjal, the water too plays the main role. Every region in India has different varieties of eggplants and the water in the region makes it taste better. The Maharashtrian baby eggplant is a stuffed with spices and a mixture of dry coconut and grounded peanuts.

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  • Chicken Biryani

One of the mesmerizing dishes of India from North of India to South. Every non-vegetarian individual of this country craves for biryani and it’s spicy masala. Chicken biryani is the best soul food recipe one can try at home.

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  • Kichidi and fried potatoes

The northern one-pot meal of India, kichidi is best served with fried potatoes of fried chicken. Having the strong flavors of chilies and ginger, this is a mainly a sick man’s dish. Yet very delicious and tasty enough for a healthy person too.

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  • Goan fish curry

The whole fishery bay of the western side of India holds delicious seafood recipes. Yet the Goan fish curry with rice brings out the watery mouth of me. The dish is such a soul food for South Indians, we don’t have to tell much about it. Try it on your own.

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  • Bengali fish fry

This fish fillet is marinated with spices and drizzled with bread crumbs is the most crispy fish found in India. Usually munched as a snack, this fish fry can also be served as an appetizer while having an Indian thali.

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  • Dosa and chicken curry/sprouts curry

Most of the world and Indian are familiar with dosa, a crispy pancake making its origins in the south of India. This breakfast dish is usually served with coconut mixture and lentil stew. But that’s the usual norm, trying dosa with chicken curry is absolutely mind-boggling. Dosa and chicken curry for the non-vegetarians and the sprouts curry for the vegetarians make the combination wildly tasty.

  • Navratan Korma

With adjustable variations of vegetables, Indian cheese, and nuts. Simmered with tomato puree and yogurt, navratan korma is a thick curry which goes well with rice or the Indian bread.

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  • Palak paneer

A very good source of iron, we think palak paneer was usually just a plain palak curry. Later the transformation changed into palak paneer for the kids to be fed with a trick of the cottage cheese. The after look of this dish makes it look simpler and tastier with the white paneer popping out amongst the green curry.

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  • Poha

Easiest and the delicious rice flakes with a great essence of lemon juice. Poha is a gut-friendly breakfast with the garnish of coriander. This dish also has variations to figure out with potatoes and peas or with chilies and tomatoes. Poha is surely a soul food breakfast of Indians.

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  • South Indian lentil sambar/Stew

Before we go ahead check out our blog about lentil stew. One of the must-have dishes to go along with rice, we south Indians love the smell of the sambar the vegetables make them healthier along with a tiny portion of lentils in them.

Here is a video link for the preparation of the tasty lentil stew.

  • Onion Fritters/ bhaji

A famous Indian snack, the crispiness of onion fritters when made well just blooms your mouth and the chilies make them even more special. A must try during the rainy season.

Click here for the recipe

  • Jalebi

A special day in a life of a person counts for a jalebi, this is one of the savories that make a good day even more special. The color of this sweet and the shape that’s tangential makes your hand cluey and the best part is to lick your finger after the treat. Ofourse the nuts to make them look rich.

Click here for the recipe

These are just a few soul food recipes of India, we as a nation and the diverse culture have immense treasures of food gold and the above recipes are just a few to mention among 100’s of delicious recipes. Watch out our blogs for more of the similar topics.

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