10 good muffin recipes making your snack more appetizing

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Conceding that you want to hog some delicious snacks, here are 10 good muffin recipes making your snack more appetizing. Consuming lighter meals might lead to heavy unhealthy consumption of snacks. It is advisable to avoid snacks during intervals between your feasts. Let’s talk about 10 different good muffin recipes on a healthier side while making your snack more appetizing.

People customarily get confused between a muffin and a cupcake. So what’s a muffin? and what’s a cupcake?

What’s a muffin?

Having its origins as a quick and a healthy breakfast. Muffins gradually dripped from a breakfast to an evening snack. Being its texture more on a heavier side. Muffins are a satisfying, healthful evening snack, overflowing as a mushroom top. This makes muffins an eye catcher for its crusty top layer.

What’s a cupcake?

Cupcakes are the miniature size of cakes, always topped with frosting or decorations. Cupcakes are an alternative to cake slices, promoting to consume a tiny piece of it rather than a whole slice of a high-calorie cake. Mostly being light and airy with a finer crumb-like structure is basically a dessert in lieu for a breakfast.

10 Good muffin recipes making your breakfast or a snack more appetizing

It is agreeable that the world has hundred’s of muffin recipes. From the unhealthy ones to the healthy ones, like we always do, let’s talk about the healthy ones for now.

  • Banana Muffins

Have you got those super ripped bananas? then take a look of the below recipe for a super healthy snack or a breakfast.

Get the recipe here

  • Banana oatmeal coconut muffins

One of the most energetic and healthy muffins to eat. These banana oatmeal coconut muffins have a crunchy base due to the oats and the savory taste from the coconuts. Eating just one muffin of this is not satisfactory seriously! and delicious too.

Get the recipe here

  • Whole wheat blueberry muffins

Every muffin is made out of whole wheat, that’s the best thing about them when compared to cupcakes. Blueberry muffins are the tastiest for a breakfast as well as a snack.

Get this recipe here

  • Coffee blueberry muffins

For all those ultimate coffee addicts. Coffee blueberry muffins go well with coffee and as an evening time snack. It is a perfect snack at any given point of your day. Nothing much than a blueberry muffin, it’s just the coffee which is added, makes the name and the muffins taste fascinating.

Get the recipe here

  • Fig cardamom muffins

Figs are the superfoods for skincare oriented and beauty oriented youngsters. The scented cardamom bring life to this muffins, while the fig above them makes them healthier. This muffin is an all-time go for your breakfast, lunch or brunch. The top layered fig makes is more aesthetic looking. Making it one among the good muffin recipes.

Get the recipe here

  • Lemon zest muffins

Lemon zest muffins may not be everyone’s goes to muffin. But what’s the point if there is no zest in one’s life, hence these muffins bring out the best in it. Tangy yet sweet enough to make your buds go tingling.

Get the recipe here

  • Orange on the top muffin

Common who doesn’t love oranges unless you are allergic to them. Give any human on this planet an orange muffin and it will be gobbled up under a minute. That’s how tasty they are and packed with energy if you consume more than a few. Never the less it’s advisable to consume just a few.

Get the recipe here

  • Carrot oat muffins

A great start for your day is right with these muffins. Packed with oatmeal, carrots, whole wheat, these muffins are low in fat and stand at a very healthy chance to pop up in your diet.

Get the recipe here

  • Plain oatmeal muffins

Oatmeals are the universal go-to meal, every adult and adolescents know that. Healthy, yet tasty enough, these oatmeal muffins when baked make the entire house smell good, making your family to just dig in after they are baked. Try the below recipe without sugar, oil and flour, boring as it sounds but healthy enough to take a bite.

Get the recipe here

  • Healthy chocolate muffins

Everyone craves for chocolate and the need for them ranges from a kid to the elderly. here is a blog about chocolate and the good reasons to eat it all. Healthy chocolate muffins are the good muffin recipes to dive into, so just go get the recipe and bake them yourselves.

Get the recipe here

To know more about chocolate click here



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